Engadget is owned by AOL, and AOL has proved an unwilling partner in this site’s evolution. It doesn’t take a veteran of the publishing world to realize that AOL has its heart in the wrong place with content.

» Leaving AOL paul j. miller

The AOL Way isn’t the sole reason, but it’s certainly a catalyst, a symptom of concerns I’ve had for a while. I worry about the long-term viability of what I foresee is the future business model. How our brand will be affected and how much control we’ll maintain over it.

Ross Miller | Goodbye, Engadget

Daring Fireball経由で知ったけど、上記に引用のPaul Miller氏(Twitter)とRoss Miller氏(Twitter)両名の記者がEngadgetを辞めたとのこと。Paulの方は明確にAOLのやり方を理由に、Rossはそれだけが理由ではないと少し優しい表現をとってるけど、AOLの経営方針がEngadgetの編集に与える影響を憂慮してることは共通してる(Engadgetは2005年、AOLに買収されてる)。





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